Our Philosophy at Absolute Tri

We aim to help every athlete become the best athlete they can be by balancing there training, family and lifestyle. By working closely with each athlete and understanding their own personal circumstances we can help them achieve their work and lifestyle goals as well.

More than just online coaching

One of our key objectives at Absolute Tri is to ensure that we are coaching the athlete first and the sport second. By understanding each athlete, form their sporting goals to their work and home life commitments we can put a training program together that will allow them to become the best athlete they can be whilst also ensuring they are meeting the demands of the rest of their lifestyle. We start by ensuring each athlete can get enough sleep and recovery to support their training thus allowing them to achieve their goals.

Transform your triathlon performance

Absolute Triathlon Coaching are one of the leading coaching companies in the UK. Led by multiple award-winning Triathlon Coach Steve Lloyd Absolute Tri have a record of unparalleled results from beginners through to elite triathletes.


A little video of what we do best at Absolute Tri and Nottingham University, working with Junior Athletes to be the best they can be. After a hard winter of training we are looking at our athletes to compete in the following

14 Youth and Junior athletes to compete at the Perfrmance Assessment weekend and Super Series
5 x athletes to compete at U23 and Senior racing across Europe and the World

A great place to train with some amazing facilities and great support from coaches, S & C and Physio.

Here's to a great 2018

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