A race report from not your usual race, a run race that covers 24k and goes through 3 countries

I had been looking forward to this race for a long time – it was given to me as a 40th Birthday present and a unique ‘race to remember’ The Monaco Run is a 24km, hilly run through three countries – Italy, France and Monaco.

Shortly after adding this race to my plan at the end of last year I started to suffer with Achilles problems.

Julie has supported me throughout a long period of injury and witnessed the frustration and despair it has caused during a very long, slow recovery. Julie has always been ready to adapt my plan to suit, and to maintain variety and enjoyment in other areas of my training while I’ve been unable to run. With Julie’s help I made a very slow return to running – Julie really helped me to change my focus and I gradually came round to thinking in terms of ‘run’ not ‘race’. Having Julie’s knowledge and experience kept me going in the build up to the race and I even managed to accept that I might not even be able to run it at all.

Right up to the week of the race I was unsure about running but on the day I ran a really strong and steady pace, managed the hills (and there were hills!!), the downhills, the downpours, the strong winds, and the sleet! Not quite the South of France sunny run I had pictured, but a fantastic day of running with like minded people from all over the world!

Without Julie’s help, I’m likely to have over-trained (or given up?), still been injured now, and missed the most amazing run. Now I feel stronger than I have for a long time and look forward to following Julie’s advice closely to get me to my next challenge – and this time all with a focus on enjoying everything I do this year, and taking the pressure off while I build on this recovery.

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