Caitlin Roper

My name is Caitlin Roper and I am a member of the West Midlands Triathlon Academy and The England Talent Squad for Triathlon.

I completed my first Triathlon at the age of 10 and have been seriously competing since I was 13 years old.

Some of my best recent results are that last season I was the Elite Youth Super Series Champion 2015 and a member of the European Elite Youth Relay Great British Championship team 2015 where we finished 2nd.

For me, Triathlon is special as after one discipline it isn't necessarily over and that ability to redeem yourself is what drives me and makes Triathlon so exciting. It's nature being so unpredictable means I rarely go into a race with a plan as that element of surprise always keeps me on my toes.

Absolute Triathlon Club has helped my Triathlon career in so many ways; I was supported in the redesign of my training plan at a time when I had reached the limit of my progression under the current regime I was under.

Steve has invested precious time in which has helped me place confidence in myself, especially after the success I have had at the hands of great training sessions with the club.

Upcoming Races

Leeds Aquathon
Hetton Llyons (Other races depending on qualification)