Nixie Turner

What I do: I'm and 18 year old student in Worcester, about to finish A
levels and move to Nottingham in September. In Nottingham I will study
Geography A level and train with Absolutetri on a daily basis. I started
swimming when I was very young because my parents wanted me and my brothers
to be able to swim. I progressed quickly through the club and still love it
16 years later.

Why I love triathlon: I've done sport from a young age and can't imagine
life without it! I started off as a young swimmer, ballerina and gymnast but
began focussing on swimming when I was older. I entered a local duathlon and
came 2nd to Meg McDonald (who I didn't realise would end up following the
same journey as me). This resulted in me taking up triathlon and I've never
looked back. I love training because there is a strong sense of community
and family and because triathlon allows me to explore the world, being an
outdoor sport I get to run and cycle miles in beautiful scenery and swim in
all sorts of lakes, Blenheim Palace and the Serpentine in Hyde Park being
the most prestigious! Triathlon has taken me all over the world and helped
me to make many friends from many different places, the furthest living in
Washington! Competing, whilst exhausting, is very rewarding and competitive,
it's hard racing against your closest friends but when it's over we
congratulate and celebrate each other which is the best feeling! I've loved
triathlon since I started and I don't intend to stop anytime soon!

How Absolutetri have helped me: I've been in the West Midlands Regional
Academy for a few years now and I've known Steve many more. Working with
Steve has taught me a lot about nutrition and posture and training and has
presented me with amazing opportunities such as training camps in Morzine in
the French Alps and Aguilas in Spain, as well as the chance to race in
Belgium for a team over there! I've made many friends through the academy
including one of my closest and I can't wait to work closer with the club
from September. 

Race History

Quarteira ETU = 28th (crashed on the bike)
Llanelli = 12th
Belgian race, Tournai = team came 8th

Quarteira ETU = 21st
Holten ETU = 25th
Banyoles European Youth Relays = 7th
Blenheim Palace = 5th
London Aquathlon = 9th

Blenehim Palace = 5th
Geneva ETU = 23rd

Upcoming Races

5th June - Blenheim Triathlon
11th June - Leeds Aquathlon
17th June - Kitzbuhel ETU
2nd July - Holten ETU
9th July - Eton Dorney super series triathlon
14th August - Liverpool super series triathlon
4th September - Strathclyde Park U20's Festival