Paul Taylor

Coming from a Mountaineering background I had experience of endurance sport but not swim, bike or run.  I’d wanted to do an ironman triathlon for many years but having become very unfit and overweight this seamed unlikely.  Then in 2014 I decided I needed to make a change. I started doing boot camp 3 to 5 times a week in the local park and eating healthily.  I started to feel like a new man and by the end of the year I had done my first park run and completed 3 obstacle course racers (my first ever racers).  Having started to get fit again now seemed like the ideal time to have a go at Triathlon.  So at the age of 47 I started my journey towards being an ironman.  My master plan was sprint distance in 2015, standard distance in 2016,  70.3 in 2017 and full ironman in 2018 – by then I’d be 50 years old.  As it turned out I did both sprint and standard in my first year.  In September 2015 I joining Absolute Tri Coaching and under the excellent supervision of coach Julie Whaley became an Outlaw half finisher in 2016 – 1 year ahead of my original schedule.  Given my mountaineering background I am drawn to the adventure and challenge of triathlons based in the mountains.  So when I discovered Triathlon X (an iron distance race in the Lake District) I could not resist.  Over my short time in the sport I have learned that for me its all about the journey and not necessarily the time outcome – although with Triathlon X there will definitely be an element of me versus the cut off!


Race History

Clumber Park Standard Duathlon
Southwell, Lincoln & Woodall Spa Sprint Triathlons
Peak District (Chatsworth) Standard Triathlon
Rat Race Crossing – 3 day MTB adventure race
Rat Race Coast to Coast - 2 Day adventure race across Scotland by foot, bike and kayak
Outlaw Half
Snowdonia (Snowman) Triathlon
Weymouth 70.3

Upcoming Races

2017 Upcoming racers Mallorca 70.3 Triathlon X