Paulo Matos

I am Paulo, a father of two running a Development Tools [Software]
Consultancy company by the hilly region of Franconian Switzerland, near
Nuremberg in Germany.

By 2013, being barely able to swim 25 meters and never having ridden a road
bike I decided to take up triathlon after several discussions about this
crazy sport with a good friend of mine over way too many coffees at Costa.
The goal was a sprint distance by August, 2014 which I completed and
survived. From then the goal became an Ironman distance triathlon, but since
I am the personification of laziness and an expert procrastinator I decided
to get a coach to help me reach that finish line. I met Steve on November
1st, 2014 and the rest is history. With a stepping stone on a half-ironman
in 2015, that mythical finish line will be crossed by 2016.

After lots of money, sweat, tears, and time thrown at the sport I have ended
up finishing Wimbleball Ironman 70.3 2015 in 6h27m and soon doing the
European Championships Frankfurt Ironman 2016.

Racing triathlon is an amazing experience where people from all walks of
like get together and support each other finish a really hard endurance
task. It's where all the hours of solo hard training, away from the family
and friends, in all types of weather become meaningful. It's also, for the
parents, a way to show their children that with hard work anything is
possible. Having had my family's support throughout this journey has been
amazing. Having my wife an children screaming my name during a race is worth
all the pain I might be going through.

Joining AbsoluteTri coaching with Steve was a great decision. Because yes,
you are training alone; yes, it is hard; yes, sometimes you don't want to do
it, however for the guidance provided, the personalized training plans [that
adjust to your life instead of the other way around] and the face-to-face
meetups together with a regular friendly voice on the phone give an extra
dimension to the training and a feeling that you are after all, not training
alone at all.