Last of our race reports from last weekend.

This athlete has only been with us for 6 to 8 weeks and this race was added so we could benchmark where the athlete is and therefore shape the next few months of training

Race Preparation:

Sunday prior to the event had a recurrence of a strained right hamstring. Attended physiotherapy on Tuesday which went well – included some acupuncture to get to deep tissue. Hamstring sore for a couple of days following so decided to stay off it. Did first open water swim on Thursday – 1 x1000m and 1 x 500m. V cold initially but it proved really helpful to have completed this prior to race day as I was somewhat acclimatised to the shock effect of the cold water.

Training in the lead up had been fairly consistent other than the 2 weeks immediately prior to the race where the issue of the hamstring (following the bike) was an issue. Training was largely base-building i.e. not race pace which resulted in the race being very comfortable in terms of completing distances etc.

Day immediately prior to the race – Saturday – did not try to manage food, rest, etc just had a ‘normal’ day. I would usually like to manage this more closely.

Race Day:

Felt good. This was the first big triathlon I have done. Previous races have been with a relatively small number of entrants. This was great preparation for future races.

Despite lots of gathering of kit etc I still failed to get a couple of things right which fortunately were not a real deal breaker but would have made things easier e.g. forgot my Garmin watch so had no idea of how I was doing in terms of time; no rubber bands for shoes etc.

Swim: (0:15:22)

Good ‘warm-up’ and the cold water was not a big shock having done the open water work earlier in the week. Previously have tried to swim to the side of the pack. This time I swam towards the back but in the main body – loads of contact which again is great practice for future events. I felt fine – didn’t thrash myself – time reflects this (and the number of swimmers!)

T1 (0:00:55)

I failed to prepare myself for T1 as I was finishing the swim. Head not in the right place to get fully engaged with the fastest transition.

Bike: (0:44:44 = 33.53kmh)

Road course. Quite windy in parts. Managed to stay in the TT position for the whole 25km. Felt comfortable – just lacking the power of other athletes who were able to drive much bigger gears at a higher rpm.

T2 (0:00:58)

Annoyingly I missed the fact that the bike racks were labelled with a row letter. I managed to miss this when I came in with my bike and went to the wrong row!

Run: (0:20:56)

If this is actually my run time I will be very pleased as that is a lot closer to our ideal phase 1 goal of 20 mins. Legs straight off the bike were great. However …. I managed to enter the wrong funnel as I left the first lap of the run (not the only person to do it) and ended up crossing the finishing line after just 1 lap. I went straight out and rejoined the course – a bit frustrating. My hamstring was ok – I didn’t push it to the very limit just in case. Not sure if I could have done very much faster but I didn’t go to the very edge.

Completed 10-15 mins of stretching immediately afterwards. No specific refuelling.

Summary – Positives

  1. Really enjoyed this race and so pleased to have got the first triathlon of the year done.
  2. The distances are not an issue – even with an extended bike section and with having done much less swimming this year than last.
  3. Run time was great (for me) – if that was accurate

Summary – Areas to build on

  1. Preparation – need to create a checklist of kit, things to do the day before a race, on race day etc. to get greater consistency
  2. More open water swimming. May get swim lessons to improve technique.
  3. Mentally preparing for each transition
  4. Re-start daily stretching/mobilising routine
  5. Begin to get race weight down to 78kgs for end of June

This was a really good race that I completed at about 90% of current limits. The finishing times etc reflect this. They also reflect that this is only 6 weeks into the programme that has mostly been base-building to date.

Feel fine today with very little muscle soreness.

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