NGi working with Absolute Tri Coaching to support young people in pursuing a sporting career

NGi are excited to be working with Absolute Tri Coaching (ATC) a Nottingham based coaching provider that supports a diverse membership across the UK. Led by Director and Head Coach Steve Lloyd alongside Junior Coordinator and Coach Julie Whaley, at the heart of ATC is the Triathlon training and coaching that is offered at all ages and levels of performance.

The organisation is currently looking into developing their training programmes and NGi share their passion to make education exciting and meaningful. Absolute Tri Coaching share our belief that vocational education and training (VET) must become a core component of these programmes to ensure that young people are provided with a sustainable set of skills when seeking employment in a competitive industry.

Within 6 months of opening Absolute Triathlon the club became self-sustaining and now employs 14 coaches and is contracted to undertake work for Sport England and the British Triathlon Federation, this work is with various regional triathlon academies supporting other coaches and/or directly coaching the countries elite athletes. This success has led to Absolute Tri Coaching looking to open their own academy; the training provided will focus on the development of technical sport skills together with employability skills. Students in full-time education aged 16-19 who have demonstrated sporting ability and the wish to pursue triathlon more seriously, while also studying for a career within the sporting industry, will be given the opportunity by ATC to be involved in a more advanced strategy.

Within the ATC rank of coaches, there are two members of staff with substantial experience of VET: Steve Lloyd and Julie Whaley. In terms of Triathlon skills, Steve is one of a handful of coaches qualified at Level 3 in the UK, named as Britain’s ‘most motivating Tri Coach’ by Triathlon Plus magazine, he is an extensively experienced Triathlon coach and age-group Triathlete. Being one of the leading coaches in his field, Steve works with athletes identified as being capable of future British Olympic teams and has an international network of colleagues and peers who operate at the highest level of athletics coaching and physiotherapy.

Julie Whaley is a qualified Assessor and Internal Verifier having been a course leader on BTEC Sport Award Courses at Level 2 and 3. Having worked in VET and possessing a comprehensive understanding of current sport curriculum delivery Julie has the knowledge to design curriculum programmes that meet the needs of individual students; she has also been a full-time triathlon coach since 2012. Given her experience, she holds responsibility for planning and delivering high quality practical coaching and theory sessions that fit in with the educational programme learning outcomes identified for each student participant.

ATC therefore, have considerable expertise in sports coaching for the three disciplines used in Triathlon; this includes psychological as well as the physical needs of an athlete training to compete at the highest levels, and an understanding of what is required in terms of support knowledge. This is ideal for students who wish to have a career in some sporting capacity including a vocational career associated to sport but not necessarily triathlon.

NGi are convinced that Absolute Tri Coaching are committed to vocational education and training, due to the shared vision we hope to develop a close partnership with ATC and to use NGi’s expertise to help look into European possibilities and potentially secure funding.

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