Now is the ideal time to start working with a coach

Now that the clocks have changed and athletes are into the swing of winter training its an ideal time to start having a clear race plan for next year and with it a clear training program leading up to the race.

However, if you are struggling to fit the training you think you want into your already busy lives of work, family, relationships and social time and then now is a great time to invest with a coaching team that can do all of that work for you.

Apart from setting athletes training programmes to help them become the best they can be one of our key roles at Absolute Tri Coaching is to ensure athletes fit the training into their already busy lifestyles rather than the other way round.

It’s very easy just to think more is better with training but this isn’t the case if it means other aspects of your life suffer and you also become more and more tired. Ensuring your training program allows you not only to train but also fit in the rest of your life is key and also making sure you allow enough time to

  • Rest and recover from training and life in general, this is when the improvements will come.
  • Prepare food and snacks that supplement your training and work
  • Fit in S & C sessions or specific conditioning sessions

The above will help support your training to ensure you become the best athlete you can be and here at Absolute Tri Coaching we have been doing this for athletes for the past 15 years with some great results.

So if you are looking to take your triathlon performance to the next level and want to chat to us about how we can help then message us at or ring Steve on 07503 156823

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