One of our newest athletes reflecting on another race in the long journey

Race Preparation:

Really solid. Tapering week quite light due to timing of when I could get certain sessions in due to work etc. Training is still largely base-building i.e. not race pace which resulted in the race being very comfortable in terms of completing distances etc.

Day immediately prior to the race – Friday – did manage food, rest, hydration etc more closely.

Race Day:

Felt good. Woke early and arrived at the event in plenty of time before my Wave start. Relaxed. Prepared well and ensured I did much fuller pre-race checks in terms of route, laps, position of bike etc.

Swim: (0:14:50)

Good ‘warm-up’ and the water wasn’t very cold. Decided to go out harder in the first 100m or so. Despite regular sighting I did tend to go a bit left of the pack/direct line. Tried to hang on the feet of people but they moved away from me before I gained much from that. Pushed hard but struggled to find a second gear.

T1 (0:01:24)

Much better than last time. Did complete this pretty swiftly and smoothly. Had applied extra glide to shins and calves which seemed to help.

Bike: (0:36:58)

Closed road course. Very flat. 4 laps. Not very windy. Much improved getting feet into shoes which aided getting moving quickly. Sat in time trial position for the whole ride. Maintained a fairly even pace throughout I think. Felt good but just lacked the high end power.

T2 (0:01:01)

This was a really good change I think. Won’t bother to use a running cap again – too hot and an extra bit of kit I don’t need!

Run: (0:23:35)

The biggest difference that I have noticed is the ease of the first 200m when my legs feel so much better than previously – no doubt due to the number of brick sessions. I found the run hard but tried to keep a persistent pace and stride out the last 400m or so. Just not got any real speed.

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