Race Report – Louth Triathlon

A successful race in as much as I loved it and came across the line with a smile on my face. The swim was calm and I was hugging a gorilla and was being a little teapot whilst blowing lots of bubbles, this may have fallen by the wayside, and I had a couple of little rests towards the end, but still a race PB in the pool. The watch was being a dick, so didn’t count my swim lengths, cycle heart rate or cycle cadence.

The cycle started with a 200m run to the road, where we had to stop, look, listen before turning right, then run to the mount line. The route was rolling with 155m of climb over the 22k and a few right turns against traffic, so some stopping and starting going on. It was a bit windy, which was a fun experience on a bike with deep rims!

It was a shame the watch wasn’t picking up the cadence, as I have been working on this….shit happens and you have to adapt. No one came past me on the cycle and I worked hard, overtaking people and didn’t care if I was overlooking it….I was enjoying it. Average speed, just under 18mph

Back to the race village and off at the mount line, turn left and 200m up hill on the grass to t2 and lets see what I have left in the legs. The run route was up into Louth, down to a railway cutting, back for a second lap and then into a final 200m sprint for the line. Once again, I was overtaking rather than being passed, concentrating on technique and keeping the tempo up, average pace 5.00 m/km

If this is my last triathlon of the season, I couldn’t ask for a better race after some of the shit I have been knocking out previously. Going into the winter period with a clear plan and goals for winter training and next year.

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