Race Report – Outlaw Half Ironman

I completed the Outlaw Half for the third time last weekend..

It is a fabulous race – really well organised and friendly. Being a local race, you can usually be sure of lots of pockets of support around the course, and the fact that Absolute mans one of the feed stations guarantees you a big whoop on the bike!

When I’ve done this race before, I’ve tended to push a little too hard on the bike, and ended up blowing up on the run. In preparation I’ve been set a lot of brick sessions, and I’ve also been learning how to better monitor my effort on the bike to make sure I’ve got enough left to run afterwards. This time, I sat down beforehand and worked out how much faster I’d have to run to make up an extra mile an hour on my average bike speed, which gave me the impetus to rein it in slightly on the bike, so I didn’t hate all of the run! I also tried to focus on the speed I was running for each mile, rather than looking at the overall time, which helped break the race down and prevented me getting either dispirited or complacent – in fact I wasn’t sure until I crossed the line if I’d met my target – but I am happy to say I came in faster than my secret I-don’t-really-want-to-tell-people-this target!


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