Hands on Coaching

At Absolute tri one of our driving principles is that we not only want to ‘coach’ our athletes but feel to get the most out of them we need to. So what do we mean by that, well basically we need to see you in the flesh doing swim, bike and run rather than just set you plans and never actually see you deliver any sessions. This doesn’t mean we won’t take on athletes that are remote from Nottingham but we then make a commitment, with the athlete that we will see each other as often as possible. This might be 3 times per week or once per month, it doesn’t matter as long as we commit to do it as regular as possible. This might be at 1 of our team training days, a bike test at our studio in Nottingham, a 1-2-1- swim session or even a consultation with our physio.

To add further to this we run 4 swim sessions each week focussed purely on the athletes we coach. Again depending on location and the package athletes are on some athletes might come once per week or 3 times per week. As the numbers at these sessions are quite low it means we can focus on each individual athlete to ensure they are working on the correct drills to help them develop not the wider group. At times we can have 4 or 5 different drills going on with a number of athletes doing each drill working off different turnaround times. We also have the ability to work with an athlete on a 1-2-1 basis doing some filming or just some specific work to ensure each athlete can progress as quickly as possible.

Because we know what each athlete is focusing on for the season and when their key goals are the sessions can also be centred around getting each athlete to peak at the right time for the right race distance they are doing. At any time we will have athletes doing distances from sprint to Ironman and we can cater the sessions around these different events and the different energy system requirements.

Have these sessions allows us to progress the athletes quickly but in a controlled way ensure they are developing the correct technique and fitness requirement so that they can achieve their specific goals

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