Personalised Coaching Programmes

Absolute Triathlon Coaching offer bespoke 1-2-1 coaching to create a specific training programme built around your availability to train, your lifestyle and your individual goals.

Choose your Programme

Programme Gold Silver Bronze
Monthly Cost (Head Coach) £150 £125 £100
Monthly Cost (Assistant Coach) £120 £100 £80
Initial Consultation £75
Bio-mechanical assessment1 & bike fit2 £175 £175 £175
1-2-1 Sessions3 7
then £35/session
then £40/session
Training Peaks account Premium Premium Basic
Daily performance tracking4
Coaching days5
Discounted products and services6
Absolute Coaching Race Team7

At my Tri Club AGM I was presented with the clubs 'Most Improved Triathlete' award! Hooray, thanks to all the support I have had and all my hard work it has really paid off and not only that people have noticed! Thank you for all your support.

1. Bio-mechanical Assessment and Performance Matrix

Our programmes are not ‘one size fits all’ so it’s highly recommended that before we start creating your coaching programme that you undertake a bio-mechanical assessment and performance matrix … read more

2. Bike Fit

Bike fitting is an art and for this reason we only ever recommend Mick Green at Langdale Lightweights - Mick is one of the most experienced and respected bike fitters in the country. A fully comprehensive fit is likely to take around 2 hours and the initial fee (detailed above) includes making any changes to the bike but does not include any parts that may be required.

3. 1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 sessions are up to an hour per session. They include:

  • additional consultations
  • bike tests
  • strength and conditions
  • swim analysis
  • run analysis

4. Daily Performance Tracking

It's important to know when to recover. So athletes' general health and well being is monitored on a daily basis.

5. Coaching Days

Provides an opportunity for the whole coaching and race team to get together for a day's coaching.

6. Discounts

Reduced prices on a range of products and services from our sponsors.

7. Absolute Coaching Race Team

The race team is open to all our athletes regardless of ability.

Benefits include:

  • Monthly training days funded by our sponsors
  • Support at races
  • Physio support
  • Training with like minded athletes