Teamwork – key to continued improvement

At Absolute Tri we are very lucky not just to have some of the best coaches and facilities but also some great partners and support services. One of those is Mike Whitehead from Radcliffe Physiotherapy who supports not only our elite athletes but also our Academy and age group athletes. Due to the high level of training our elite athletes have to endure Mike is on hand not just to treat them when injured but to see them every 2 weeks to keep on top of any maintenance work that is required.

Mike is also on hand when we need to take the performance of the athlete to the next level, such as at the swim session this morning. We are always looking for the marginal gains required in elite sport and that extra 1% so Mike was on hand this morning to work with the coaching team to look at the the athletes stroke and help improve the athletes ability to get into the right positions required as well as help the athletes understand the positions the coach is asking them to get into. With the coach, physic and also underwater video analysis we can understand where the athlete needs to make improvements and put a support and conditioning program together for the athlete.

Mike also works with our Academy athletes, seeing them twice per year to monitor growth and also look at the impacts training is having on the individual athlete to ensure each athlete has an individual conditioning program to maximise their performance.

As a coaching team we can use all this information to plan the sessions to ensure our athletes are focusing on the correct technical improvements they need to make to improve performance.



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