The Power to Improve

Our mission at Absolute Tri Coaching is simple, we want to make you the best athlete we can. One of the ways we do that is to do regular Wattbike tests for you to monitor not only your improvement over time but also keep checking that your technique is improving and you are therefore becoming more efficient.

One of our athletes visited our Wattbike studio last week to do another Threshold test having done his last one at the end of March and before the season has started. Ideally we like to do the tests every 3 months but due to location and work commitments we didn’t get around to doing another test until last week, about 10 days out from his last race of the season.

Having spent the last couple of months working with a power meter and doing specific sessions we were hopeful for a decent improvement on the last test. The result we got however was much better than we could have hoped. With the average Heart rate staying the same we had an increase in power of 21.76%, from 216 watts to 263 watts, for a fairly light athlete. This is a great result and with another winter of specific training and focus on the bike we can plan for faster bike splits next year.




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