Our Philosophy

Our aim is very simple. We want to help every athlete we work with be the very best athlete they can and want to be, giving them the opportunity to thrive within a great team.

More than just online coaching

One of our key objectives at Absolute Tri is to ensure that we are coaching the athlete first and the sport second.

By understanding each athlete, from their sporting goals to their work and home life commitments, we can put together a training programme that will allow them to become the best athlete they can be; whilst also ensuring they are meeting the demands of the rest of their lifestyle.

We start by ensuring each athlete can get the balance right between family, work, sleep and recovery to support their training thus allowing them to achieve their life goals as well as their sporting goals

Absolute Tri Performance Partnership
Absolute Tri have a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of working with Elite Youth, Junior and U23 athletes from all across the country. Our Performance Centre in Nottingham consists of athletes from the University of Nottingham, full-time U23 and senior Athletes and our own youth and junior team athletes. We are always looking to expose all level of athletes to our centre to inspire everyone to be the best they can be.

Our Coaches and Support Team

Combine years of experience & qualifications with a passion for triathlon and you are guaranteed to get the best all round service possible from our friendly and enthusiastic team. We understand what it means to fit triathlon around your everyday family and work commitments and we will support you all the way.

Level 3 Performance Coach

Steve Lloyd

Steve has been coaching full time for over 15 years and a further 10 years before that. He has extensive knowledge and expertise of working with Elite Youth, Junior and Senior athletes but has a real passion to work with anyone who wants to be the best they can be, no matter what level.

Level 2 Coach

Morgan Gallimore

Morgan has been part of Absolute Tri for the last 10 years. He has been coaching part time for the past 4 years online and in person with club members. He is the current UoN Triathlon Development Squad coach. Morgan is also an experienced triathlete competing in local domestic level races all the way to representing GB.