Are you looking to improve your Triathlon Performance

Are you looking at taking your 2016 Triathlon Performance to the next level? Have you planned you first Long distance race or looking to qualify for one of the Great Britain age group teams?
If the answer to one or both of the above applies for you then Absolute Triathlon Coaching have a couple of spaces to take on athletes from September / October this year. This is an ideal time to start your training with us as it allows us to plan fully for the months ahead to ensure you have the correct technical and physical base to work from.

You will not only receive a full coaching program from us specific to your current training levels, future goals and also your lifestyle but also access to a number of Team training sessions / days that will help you improve technically as well as physically and these sessions are limited to our coached athletes only.

As each session is limited to only the athletes we coach then you can be sure you are getting a good ratio of coach to athlete and also sessions can be tailored to your specific requirements rather than large group sessions. The sessions will cover all aspects of triathlon depending on the time of year but will cover swim, bike, run, s & C and transitions

If you are looking to use power to help improve your bike splits then you will get regular testing on our Team Watt bike with specific sessions built around power and technique improvement. If you are not using power then the Watt bike will help us monitor your pedal stroke and technique so we can build a program to help you become a better cyclist.

If you are a local athlete to Nottingham you will not only benefit from the above but also have access to up to 3 swim sessions per week, 1 run session per week including focus on technique and drills.

It doesn’t matter what your current ability is, whether seasoned triathlete or first timer we have the environment and coaching experience to ensure you reach your goals in the next 12 months. Check out the website for more details but if you want to chat the coaching through with us then just contact us via email or phone.




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