Jimmy Kershaw

Jimmy is a current Elite Triathlete racing domestically and also European and World Cup events with his ultimate ambition to race on the WTS circuit and beyond that get selected for the GB team at the Olympics.

Jimmy has been part of the team at Absolute Tri now for 11 years as an athlete and has been coached by the head Coach Steve Lloyd so has picked up a wealth of experience in that time. Jimmy has also been coaching at the club now for 3 years, both Junior and Adult athletes alike and is something he not only enjoys but is also proving to be good at.

Jimmy is also a fully qualified Sports massage Therapist who works with a number of our athletes to keep them fit and healthy to train and also does one off Sports Massage Sessions.

Jimmy has a particular knowledge and passion for cycling and having done all aspects of cycling outside of triathlon. He has raced the indoor track, road racing, circuit racing as well as Time trials, hill climbs and Cross bike racing so brings a wealth of practical experience.

If you are looking to take your cycling to the next level, whether you are new to the sport or having been cycling for years, the team at Absolute Tri and especially Jimmy could be the coach you are looking for to work you.