Steve Lloyd

British Triathlon Federation Level 3 Performance Coach

Named as Britain’s ‘most motivating Tri Coach’ by Triathlon Plus magazine, Steve Lloyd is an extensively experienced Triathlon Coach and age-group Triathlete.  He has also been selected to take part in the Aspire Elite Coaches Programme ran by Sports Coach UK.

He has coached numerous athletes over the last 10 years across all distances working with complete beginners through to elite triathletes.

Steve established Nottingham based Absolute Triathlon Club in 2009 which has quickly developed a presence within the Midlands region and a reputation for developing and encouraging those new in to the sport.  The Club was awarded the Nottingham Sports Club of the Year 2011 with Steve also a finalist for the Nottingham Coach of the Year.  Steve was also instrumental in launching a second club in the West Midlands.

Recognised by the British Triathlon Federation in 2011 as their Performance Coach of the Year Steve continues to work with athletes at a high level both in his role as theWest Midlands Regional Head Coach and through his business Absolute Tri.  He is also is seen as an industry expert and is regularly called upon by the media for comment.

Some of Steve’s Achievements & Experience

Supporting New & Emerging Talent

Steve is the Head Coach for the  Triathlon England Regional Talent Academy  and has four athletes on the England Talent Squad and one athlete in the World Class Programme. Steve attends the talent squad training camps to assist with coaching and recently attended the Spanish training with the BTF Performance Team.

In 2013 these athletes competed at European Duathlon, European Triathlon, World Triathlon, European Youth Relays and resulting in 4 Medals and for the second years National Female Youth Champion.

Developing Age Group Triathletes

Over the past few years our athletes have been to European ^ World Championship Age Group Events with generally around 6 or 8 athletes racing at standard or sprint distance.  We have also had representation at European Long Course Championships and this year have a number of athletes focusing their attention on the World Championships at Kona.

We work with any ability from beginners and are happy to develop athletes from all standards.

Commitment to Continual Professional Development

Steve has been selected to take part in the Aspire Elite Coaches Programme. The Inspire and Aspire Coach programmes will support the potential transition of coaches to the Elite Coaching Apprenticeship Programme and the World Class Coach Development Programmes. They also support the retention of coaches within the home-country coach-development programmes.

Steve is also part of the BTF Elite Coaches Programme who meet several times a year working with external training agencies plus the BTF to discuss current issues with the ultimate goal of creating a framework for developing talent. In this voluntary role Steve is also mentored on an individual basis.

Development of Triathlon Club Athletes

As Head Coach of Absolute Triathlon Club Steve has developed a large number of athletes who were initially unable to do front crawl and have now achieved this. The majority of athletes at the club are improving in their swimming and all round triathlon performance with Steve’s guidance.

Junior Triathlon

As part of the Absolute Triathlon Club where we have up to 16 athletes who train for all 3 disciplines with event specific coaches and have access to up to 10 sessions per week across all 3 disciplines.  We are one of the only clubs in the UK where aspiring elite athletes have the opportunity to train purely with us.

Absolute Triathlon Club is also affiliated to England Athletics so that our athletes can enter run specific events and also the ASA so that we can enter swim galas.  All this allows our athletes to develop as Triathletes in a controlled environment.

A Passion for Triathlon

Steve is passionate about sport and in Triathlon in particular and this is demonstrated through the huge commitment he makes to his ongoing personal development and training, supporting his athletes and growing the triathlon club he founded in 2009.

A well respected coach amongst his peers and athletes Steve is as enthusiastic at encouraging and supporting beginners as he is at developing the highly talented triathletes of the future.  Always level headed and approachable he builds rapport with athletes easily and is able to use his extensive technical coaching knowledge along with his personable attitude to get the best out of the athletes he coaches. His ability to engage and communicate with people on all levels really sets him apart.

He continually drives quality through his coaching, immersing himself in the latest books and research and mentoring new coaches to a high standard believing that everyone of all ability should benefit from quality coaching.

Through his coaching he has had tremendous impact in Nottingham on participation levels and is a great ambassador for Triathlon.

Qualifications, Experience & Awards

  • Level 3 British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Performance Coach
  • BTF Performance-Development Coach of the Year 2011
  • BTF East Midlands Performance-Development Coach of the Year
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Regional Head Coach for the BTF West Midlands
  • Coach Educator and Assessor for the BTF
  • Finalist Nottingham Coach of the Year 2011
  • Steve also holds the REPS Level 3 Personal Training Qualification and is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist

What qualities do you think it takes to be a good coach?

“Definitely respect and trust would be top for me. They are putting their performance improvement in your hands so they have to feel confident you can deliver and unless they respect and trust you completely they won’t go and do what you expect them to do. This doesn’t mean that they don’t input into the process but they will look to you for the right answers. Planning and preparation are also key, they better the planning you do the better the sessions and group of sessions are likely to be with a better long term improvement. You also have to understand people and be a good listener. For me it’s not about coaching the sport but coaching people and this is very important in everything we do.”