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As coaches at Absolute Tri we spent a lot of time putting a plan together that will perfectly fit our athletes goals, lifestyle, work and training history so that they will hopefully achieve what it is from the sport whether they are elite, age group or just starting out.

Below is a race report from one of our athletes who raced the Outlaw half the weekend in Nottingham and came 7th overall and 1st in the 40-44 age group for the 2nd year running. This athlete is a case in point, she has 4 children living at home, runs her own business and also manages to keep her husband and many other people happy. She does that by having a sensible training plan that fits her lifestyle and follows it, not always exactly but when things happen we discuss and change accordingly. It’s such a pleasure when it works and the results, whether coming first or getting Pb’s is generally the result. More importantly the athlete is happy and has a good work, life and triathlon balance.

A difficult week led up to the Outlaw Half as it became obvious that disappointingly the weather was going to be shocking for the event I had trained for all winter, and enjoyed in glorious sunshine the year before.

However the support of clubmates on the day meant there were still giggles in the Absolute tent, even if no iconic sunrise start this time. I had a tougher time in swim than usual, and the focus was on keeping going, and trying to get my head in the race.

As soon as I could see the finish gantry I was happy. Freezing cold feet and hands meant I struggled even to get out of the water, let alone hat and wetsuit, and put on gilet and gloves. In front of all the spectators I comically attempted to mount my bike and get my utterly numb feet in my bike shoes. Once clipped in and riding I was off round the lake and out on to the familiar course in all-too familiar weather. A comparatively slow swim meant I had plenty of time to make up, and I worked my way past competitors on Jimmy Kershaw’s loaned TT bike feeling comfortable and confident in the aero position that Coach Steve and Jimmy had helped me set up.

A winter of riding under Steve’s direction, hill riding on the Peak District Absolute Age group camp and focussed coached Wattbike sessions had left me feeling strong on the bike, and a pretty in depth knowledge of the course was a considerable advantage. There were some treacherous corners, and near-constant drizzle, so the bright orange Absolute feedstation was a huge highlight. I enjoyed passing several of my club mates (including finally catching the hubby at Radcliffe) and in the final few miles, I overtook Elaine Garvican, who came back at me a couple of times, and eventually claimed second place overall. I managed to get into transition before her as 5th female, but being completely unable to find my bikerack number, she was soon out before I had even found my spot.

On the run, it wasn’t until the second lap of the lake that I regained feeling in my feet, and when I did, I noticed that my right toe was sore and my trainer was becoming soaked in blood which I later found out was from a deep cut I had got at the swim exit. The run was painful then, but I tried to stay focussed on good form, and one foot in front of the other.

I was delighted to finish in 7th place overall and to retain my age group title, and got to take home a trophy and a case of Erdinger for my trouble.  A visit to the medical tent and a tetanus shot was needed for the injured toe. Some enforced rest before the next training block. Then onwards and upwards with Coach Steve

outlaw half 2015


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