Group running and drills (or maybe Monty Python school of silly walks)

Our Saturday morning run sessions are proving to be more and more popular as the weeks go by. We change our focus and venue each week to suit the needs of our athletes. However, we always aim to work on technique work at each session which provides athletes with an opportunity to think about their running style.

This week we focussed on a building run up a longer incline with a faster paced effort to finish when the incline flattened out. The purpose of this was on balanced running up the hill followed by tall, controlled strong running along the flat at above race pace efforts.

We have a wonderful array of coached and club athletes who join us each week who love to see their own improvement but also enjoy having a laugh with each other, particularly with the drill section of the coached run. This Saturday was no exception when we were focusing on strong core and ‘A’ walks into lunges. As you can see from this video, three of our lovely male athletes were reminiscing of ‘Madness’ and they did a great job of mimicking them to0

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