Looking to do Outlaw or Half Outlaw in 2019

Were you Enthused by the Full Outlaw and Outlaw half this year and are wanting to start your own road to becoming an Outlaw but maybe you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you have been racing shorter triathlon races and are now looking to step up to the longer distance racing or have even done longer racing before and now want to push yourself to new limits and improve your performance.

So, whether you are taking your first steps on the road or have started your journey, we can help you get to the start line in the best possible shape with a structured training plan, coached sessions and access to BTF qualified coaches.

Personalised training schedule planned with regular contact with your coach to fit in and flex with your already busy life. Access to weekly coach led swim sessions alongside some of the athletes of Nottingham’s BTF performance centre where you can not only watch them swim but also chat to them and pick their brains.

You will also have regular swim, bike and run testing, providing accurate data on your progress. You will have access to our Wattbike studio so that we can monitor bike performance and efficiency as well as access to our partners at the University of Nottingham for physio support. All of this will be overseen by your coaching team and allow individual and focussed development.

You will also have an invite to join us in the French alps for a training camp that we will be running about 6 weeks prior to the full Outlaw that will give your training the final boost it needs before the race. Here you will take on some iconic TDF cycle stages, fine tune your swim in the Chrystal clear waters of the mountain lakes and hone your running along mountain paths, putting you in the best possible position to achieving your goals.

The cost per month of this amazing package will be £60 per month (doesn’t include the training camp).

If this is of interest to you, we have a limited number of only 6 coached slots available, so these will be filled on a first come basis.

Contact Steve Lloyd on 07503 156823 or Nick Verity on 07968 958789


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