New Nutrition product launches in the UK

Friday 8th February sees the launch of the very successful Nutrition products supplied by TriSport Pharma. After many successful years in Belgium and Europe working with Endurance athletes and beyond, the products will now be available directly from the UK.
If you want to find out about the product and how it can help your training and recovery then come along to the launch on Friday 8th February at Nottingham University.

All products from Trisport Pharma are developed according to the latest scientific data and produced according to the most stringent current standards.

All products were, before coming on the market tested by athletes in training and competition.

All Trisport Pharma products are carefully screened, by an independent lab, for the presence of substances prohibited by the WADA official list (World Anti-Doping Agency).

“TRISPORT Pharma” is committed to, doping-free, let athletes perform at a higher level, through the correct use of innovative supplements.

The range can be split into five product groups:

Recovery – Power – Performance – Health – Endurance

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