Now is the time to join a great team of athletes and coaches

If you are looking for a coach or even a new coach for the 2020 it’s important you chose the right one for you

Make sure YOU know what you are looking for as everyone is different. Every athlete has different demands on their personal life with family, work, friends and it’s important that your plan fits around this, not takes over your life.

Also think about how you as an athlete likes to train, on your own or with other athletes. If so, it might be worth looking for a setup or team that allows a good mixture of both group training and individual training.

Look at the experience of the coach and how long they have been working in the sport and also how much coaching they actually do day to day and not just putting plans together online for athletes.

If some of this sounds like you and you want to have a casual chat with us at Absolute Tri about what we offer and how we work then we are more than happy to sit down with athletes, at no cost to ensure the athlete and coach fit is going to work.

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