Our partnership with Langdale Lightweights gets stronger and stronger

Having worked hard with the Juniors in the club over the past 6 years Langdale Lightweights are improving the strive they offer to Absolute Tri members and in particular the juniors to ensure that as they grow and move up into different age groups they are continually looked after

‘After 6 years of dedicated support with Absolute Triathlon Coaching we are proud to announce increased assistance, for our Youth and Junior Athletes’ across all cycling disciplines.
Why should your new bike be from us??
Receive a prestigious bike fit personally conducted by Mick Green, free of charge with your new bike.
As a parent we are all aware of the rapid growth spurts over these development years.
We will continue to make the bike fit alterations to your child’s cycling position when needed; free of charge, to maximise there performance. Ensuring you receive the most out of your bike.
The bikes that we supply will have the correct gear restrictions for their respective age group and will be provided at no extra cost.
We will provide equipment that meets both the UCI and Triathlon bike and Wheel Regulations. Giving you piece of mind.
We endeavor to make buying a bike the best experience that you can possibly have. With no added costs down the line. No hidden surprises. Put your trust into Langdale Lightweight’s; the cycle specialists that care for you!
You will also be part of the Langdale Family, which has found, nurtured and developed National Champions.
What will you become??
At the end of your time with the bike we will guarantee to give you the market value, when you move onto your next bike with us.
As a reward to you for helping us continue to support the development of young athletes. We will reward you with a £20 voucher for every new sale that happens as a result of your recommendation of Langdale Lightweights’

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