Rcae Report – Baur Triathlon [Duathlon]

As usual this couldn’t be a normal race. Something had to happen and so
it did. As expected, here in Germany, the race would start at 13.30 and
so I made sure I had a relaxed morning and would be there early enough
to register and rack.

As I arrived, I soon found I had been thrown a curve ball. The triathlon
would become a duathlon given the river was too cold (13 C). The 1.5km
swim had just turned into a 5km run. As I prefer swims, I was certainly
not keen on this move.

I was quite upset and by this point I just wanted to be done with it and
go home. Couldn’t believe I would have to run 5k further than I had
planned and my race plan and goal time is gone so I thought I would just
go for it and see what gives.

The race started without much ado and I was soon on the run. The first
5k were 4 laps of 1.5k each meaning was actually closer to 5.4k. As
everyone dashes off in the first lap, I didn’t even try to keep myself
of going too fast and therefore I broke the first km in 4.10/km which is
too fast for me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up but without any
specific plan in mind for the race I just pushed as much as I could
ignoring the fact I had a 10k to run later. Ended up being my fastest 5k
in 21m45s. For the 5.4km leg I averaged 4:21min/km and moved on to the
bike but not before getting confused during transition. The computer
that would read the chip that I had on my ankle had, unusually, the
sensor on top of a table inside a box. So, when I cross the computer and
the lady babbles something at me in German I shrugged and wonder what
she wanted. After some more babbling from here and me still not
understanding, she drops on her knees, takes the chip that by now was on
my ankle and puts it in the box after which a beep is heard and she
handles the chip back to me. I, of course, dutifully put the chip back
on my ankle and move on. She shouts something at me but I was on my way
to the bike and didn’t understand anyway.

The bike leg had 2 steep hills with a total ascent of 575m for a total
distance of 40k. It went pretty quickly and I pushed harder than usual.
Again disregarding that I had a further 10k to run I averaged around
200W for the whole distance. The 40k came and went but not without a
very dark cloud settling in above. Towards the end it started hailing
and it was certainly not a nice ending to this leg. I finished the 40k
in 1h20m39s for 40.2kms and went into transition to find the same
computer and the same lady now shouting at me because I was stupid
enough to put the chip back in my ankle. This time I removed the chip
from my ankle, register it at the computer and try to put it in my wrist
but since my hands were pretty cold it took awhile to actually get the
strap around my wrist properly and the chip securely fastened.

Once on my way I was now on my last 10k which were traversing rolling
hills and finishing in the Altenkundstadt city centre where they would
have some cake and coffee. It didn’t actually feel too hard and after
lots of rain and hailing I finished with a time of 48m12s for the 10k.

In total I took 2h37m59s, with T1 taking 2m25s and T2 taking 2m11s.

Here’s to hoping that the next tri will actually be a tri.

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