Race season is almost here!

With the race season fast approaching we thought it would be good to share some advice we give our athletes in the week leading up to a race so that they can arrive fresh and ready to race and therefore deliver their best performance. But what does this look like?

Well for us it simply means deliver what you are capable of based on the training you have done and your current level.

So what can you do in the final week to help facilitate this?

  • Make sure you have you goals for the race sorted out. These should be based around Performance and Process goals and not outcome goals. You can’t control how everyone else and therefore the Outcome so your job is to deliver what you are capable of and the result will take care of itself.
  • It’s important not to get hung up on what you think you could have done over the winter in training, what you might have missed due to illness or injury etc. You’ve done what you’ve done, you can’t change that so focus more on the here and now and what you can affect moving forward. Focus on the good aspects of your training and what has gone well.
  • Don’t try and cram training in on the final week or any week leading up to a race. This week is about staying sharp and building in some recovery if you need it to allow you to arrive fresh and ready to race.
  • Focus on what you can control and make sure you use this week to sharpen up on those things
    • Transitions – make sure you practice them this week and know exactly what you are doing so that it becomes 2nd nature.
    • Bike – make sure it’s clean and in good working order, if you get it serviced make sure you ride it before your race to make sure no problems with it.
    • Kit – make sure you have all your kit sorted early, it’s in good condition and you’ve tried it all prior to the race weekend.
    • Recovery / Sleep – build in some extra recovery and sleep this week to ensure your body is fresh and ready to race.
    • Good food and hydration leading up to the race.
    • Focus on the positives, visualise the race and you racing that race.

Overall be positive about the training and hard work you have put in and go and deliver the best you are capable of. Remember this is why you train, to race, so enjoy it.


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