Wattbike: Pedalling Technique and Fitness Testing

Absolute Triathlon Coaching are very focused on improving your technique across the swim, bike and run as well as your fitness.

Whether you are a triathlete or cyclist you will benefit from the Testing we do on the Wattbike we have based at our cycling studio in Nottingham. We can do a number of tests on the Wattbike from a simple session based around technique to full blown fitness tests where we can look at power to weight ratio, Heart rate training zones.

Pedalling Technique: £65

  • This test will last between 30 and 45 minutes on the Wattbike and will allow the Coach to work with you on your pedal efficiency. We can look at the balance between the left and the right leg and work with you on how to correct this not just during the session but moving forward.
  • Using the polar view that the Wattbike gives us we can work with you to improve your pedal technique, highlight where you have any specific weaknesses and ensure you leave having a better understanding of how to become a more efficient cyclist.
  • Importantly with this test we can carry out the monitoring of your cycling efficiency at different power outputs to ensure we are correct all aspects of your pedalling at the different levels of intensity

Fitness Testing: £75

Your coach for the session will use a test appropriate not only to your level of current fitness but also the type of cycling you are likely to be training for. These will include sub maximal test, a number of ramp tests depending on distance and max or threshold tests

From the date recorded by the Wattbike your coach will be able to give you:

  • Heart rate training zones
  • Power to weight ratio
  • Maximum power output
  • Power training zones

These tests will also allow give your coach the data required to do analyse your pedalling technique.

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